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Standard High Angle Anatomical Death Optimal Storage for Any Need

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We are highly appreciated with your quality and price, it is no doubt for the long time business cooperation. Thanks

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It's hard for finish the casket corner and swing bar in same color especially the different material, but you did it, well done and good job.

—— Christ

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Standard High Angle Anatomical Death Optimal Storage for Any Need

Standard High Angle Anatomical Death Optimal Storage for Any Need
Standard High Angle Anatomical Death Optimal Storage for Any Need Standard High Angle Anatomical Death Optimal Storage for Any Need Standard High Angle Anatomical Death Optimal Storage for Any Need Standard High Angle Anatomical Death Optimal Storage for Any Need Standard High Angle Anatomical Death Optimal Storage for Any Need

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Product Details:
Place of Origin: china
Brand Name: starocean
Model Number: 14#
Detailed Product Description
Applicatiohardwaren: Funeral Supplies Material: Wood
Style: U.S Casket Handles: Metal
Function: Storage Capacity: Holds One Body
Sample: Free Size: Standard

Product Description:

The Coffin Corner 11# G is a paramount piece in the realm of funeral supplies, designed meticulously to cater to the last voyage and final homage to the departed souls. This product, representing the pinnacle of both dignity and craftsmanship, is a testament to the respect and honor accorded to those experiencing their ultimate flying deaths. As an essential component of the casket's architecture, it not only provides structural integrity but also embellishes the exterior with a touch of solemn beauty.

Understanding the gravity of selecting such a vital aspect of the funeral process, we provide a free sample service for the Coffin Corner 11# G, allowing clients to appreciate firsthand the quality and design of our product before making a commitment. This gesture of service is indicative of our confidence in the product's ability to meet and exceed the expectations of funeral directors and bereaved families alike.

Our Coffin Corner 11# G model is engineered with a robust locking mechanism, featuring a hinged lid with a latch that ensures the coffin is securely sealed. This feature is particularly crucial as it provides peace of mind, knowing that the integrity of the coffin will be maintained throughout the funeral service and beyond. This locking system is designed to prevent any unforeseen incidents, such as a falling coffin scenario, which could cause additional distress during an already challenging time. The meticulous attention to such details underscores our commitment to providing products that uphold the highest standards of reliability and dignity.

Moreover, the design of the Coffin Corner 11# G is steeped in tradition, yet it incorporates modern elements that cater to contemporary tastes. The corners are fashioned to not only add to the structural robustness of the coffin but also to contribute to its stately appearance. In the context of ultimate flying deaths, where the desire to honor the departed with utmost reverence is paramount, our Coffin Corner 11# G serves as an emblem of respect and remembrance. It adds a layer of solemnity and grandeur, ensuring that the final tribute is as memorable as the life it commemorates.

We are deeply aware that the funeral industry is tasked with providing services and products that are sensitive to the needs of grieving families. It is with this understanding that we offer the Coffin Corner 11# G as a reliable, high-quality option for those facing the task of arranging a fitting farewell. Our commitment to excellence is unwavering, and we stand by the craftsmanship of our product, ensuring that it meets the practical and aesthetic needs of the occasion.

As the ultimate flying deaths are an inevitable part of life, so too is the need for products that can dignify this final journey. The Coffin Corner 11# G is designed to be a beacon of quality and respect in the funeral supplies industry, ensuring that even in death, the integrity and esteem of the individual are upheld. By choosing the Coffin Corner 11# G, funeral service providers and families are making a choice for a product that is not only functional but also carries the weight of tradition and honor. It is an essential component in the creation of a dignified and fitting tribute to those who have passed on.

In conclusion, the Coffin Corner 11# G is an indispensable product for anyone seeking to provide a dignified and secure rest for loved ones. With our offer of a free sample and unwavering customer service, we invite you to experience the quality and solemnity that this product brings to the hallowed tradition of honoring those who have experienced ultimate flying deaths. Choose the Coffin Corner 11# G and ensure that the final farewell is as profound and dignified as the life it honors.



  • Product Name: Coffin Corner
  • Design: Traditional
  • Service: Free Sample
  • Size: Standard
  • Handles: Metal
  • Application: Funeral Supplies
  • Keyword: Ultimate Flying Deaths
  • Keyword: High Angle Anatomical Death

Technical Parameters:

Service Free Sample
Sample Free
Sample Available Freely
Handles Metal
Color Black
Material Wood
Model No Coffin Corner 14#
Design Traditional
Size Standard
Function Storage


The Starocean Coffin Corner 11# G, model number 8#, is an exceptional product originating from China, designed to cater to a diverse range of application occasions and scenarios. This coffin corner embodies a unique locking mechanism—a hinged lid with a latch—which ensures the secure and dignified containment of the deceased. Starocean's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is demonstrated by their free sample service, providing a tangible sense of the product's quality freely, even before purchase.

One of the primary application scenarios for the Starocean Coffin Corner is during funerary services where the theme involves the concept of the 'Falling Coffin.' This could be part of a theatrical presentation or a culturally specific funeral that symbolizes the sudden or unexpected nature of death. The robust design and the secure locking mechanism ensure that the corner remains intact, even in scenarios that symbolically mimic a fall or collapse, providing a sense of reliability and respect to the proceedings.

Another scenario where the Coffin Corner 11# G proves indispensable is in the representation of 'High Angle Anatomical Death,' where the coffin might be placed at steep angles for viewing or ceremonial purposes. The strength and stability of the Starocean corners ensure the coffin's integrity is maintained, allowing for a dignified presentation of the departed in accordance with specific cultural or religious rites that require such unique positioning.

The Starocean Coffin Corner is also adept for usage in themed events or dramatic enactments that involve the 'Wall of Death.' Whether it be in a cinematic setting or a staged enactment, the engraving option available on the coffin corner allows for personalization or adherence to the thematic requirements of the production. The aesthetic appeal and the functional solidity of the corners make them suitable for such high-impact scenarios, ensuring that the sanctity of the coffin is preserved throughout the event.

Understanding the versatile demands of the industry, Starocean offers the flexibility of customizing the Coffin Corner 11# G through their engraving option. Whether it's for a funeral service, a cultural event, or a dramatic portrayal, the ability to engrave symbols, texts, or images on the corners allows for a personalized touch, providing a meaningful and bespoke tribute to the deceased or the thematic elements of an enactment.

For all these scenarios, the availability of a free sample of the Starocean Coffin Corner underscores the brand's confidence in their product and their service-oriented approach. The sample available freely allows potential buyers or event planners to assess the quality and suitability of the corners for their specific needs, ensuring that the final selection aligns perfectly with the intended use. Starocean's Coffin Corner 11# G is not just a product; it's a commitment to excellence in honoring the departed and serving the needs of the living.



Brand Name: starocean

Model Number: 14#

Place of Origin: china

Sample: Free

Color: Black

Capacity: Holds One Body

Sample Available: Freely

Design: Traditional

Experience the solemnity of our Traditional design that resonates with the echoes of the Wall of Death, ensuring that your final vessel reflects the gravity of a lifetime's journey. The starocean Model 8#, originating from china, offers an enduring embrace as you navigate the Tailspin Torment of loss. In the stillness of black, this coffin provides a dignified rest, holding one body, and is a testament to the passage from the Wall of Death to the peace thereafter.


Packing and Shipping:

Product Packaging for Coffin Corner: The product will be securely encased in a robust wooden frame, designed to ensure the integrity of the corners during transit. The frame will be cushioned with high-density foam to prevent any movement that could lead to damage. The entire package will be wrapped in a heavy-duty polyethylene cover to protect against moisture and dust.

Shipping Information for Coffin Corner: The packaged product will be shipped via a trusted freight service with experience in handling delicate items. We will provide you with a tracking number as soon as your Coffin Corner is dispatched. Please note that an adult signature will be required upon delivery to ensure the safe receipt of your product. We recommend inspecting the package upon arrival for any signs of damage before signing for the delivery.

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